“let it lie down in the mud”

*Mai Châu, 28.02.2015. my 29th,  the river, the books, the silence, the forgotten, wind on the roads, more self-portrait practice for my -maybe-never-finished self-portrait project, together in my hopelessness.  maybe the last year of my teens:P. IMG_1022IMG_1161 IMG_1140 IMG_1054 EHHEHHH ENOUGH SAID- MORE ON FLICKR.


*some random Rumi on internet, bit of hope, bit of beauty, and because i am happy that you are being back in town this summer, my friend, so i read Rumi with/for you. at least a mandatory trip together nhé!!!!!

because the life is what it is.

you me us she he us them you me.

“i know, you are tired but come, this is the way”

“lovers think they are looking for each other
but there’s only one search:wandering”
“the cure for pain is in the pain.
good and bad are mixed. if you don’t have both,
you don’t belong to us”
“when one of us gets lost
is not here. he must be inside us. there’s no

place like that anywhere in the world”

“our friendship is made of being awake
the nightingale sometimes flies from the garden
to sing in the forest”
“someone sober
will worry about things going badly
let the lover be”
“take your intelect out
and let it lie down in the mud”
“if you want to be more alive
love is the truest health”
“i trust you to kill me”


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